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There is increasing evidence in recent years showing companies which integrate sustainability, transparency and good governance into their businesses can demonstrate long-term success for investors and issuers alike. To increase your understanding of what listed companies should focus on when formulating and implementing an effective corporate governance and ESG framework, Tricor hosted a knowledge sharing webinar on the 16th September 2021. Mr. Alan Tsui of Tricor Hong Kong shares his expert insights and practical advice on how firms incorporating ESG into Enterprise Risk Management can strengthen their full range of risks while improve sustainability management and overall performance.

This one hour webinar provides deep insights on corporate governance practices and typical challenges faced by listed firms in applying ESG through Enterprise Risk Management. It covers the following topics:

  • Corporate governance in practice
  • Applying ESG through Enterprise Risk Management
  • Typical challenges faced by listed companies
Medium english
Format Video
Last Updated Oct 04, 2021