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Key topics to be covered:

  • The emergence of virtual recruitment and how widely it is being used today

  • How is virtual recruiting different from traditional recruiting?

  • How can hiring managers shift their practice from traditional interviews to virtual interview and how can they equip themselves to assess candidates’ performance without meeting someone in person

  • Candidates’ expectations and experience gained from a virtual interview

  • How can HR practitioners implement a creative and effective talent acquisition plan to sustain its business growth and enhance employer branding

  • Skillsets for job design, talent sourcing, recruitment and development that can fill the company skill gaps

  • What kind of media platforms can be used to build a core employer value to attract a diverse talent pool?

What you’ll learn:

  • Implementation of virtual recruitment strategy

  • Preparation needed from corporations and HR to conduct virtual interviews

  • Potential media platforms for virtual recruitment to identify qualified candidates

  • How can HR improve their hiring process in a more effective way and enhance the candidate experiences at hiring process?

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Last Updated Apr 29, 2021